Why is Net 30 still a thing

Net 30 payment terms made sense when you could only send an invoice via physical mail. And then receive a check back via physical mail. And any invoice discrepancies were discussed via physical mail. You get the idea. An email takes seconds to arrive. And money can be sent immediately via wire or via payment services. Really the only reason for Net 30 is, “That's the way it’s always been. ”And the reality is even worse than Net 30.

It turns out the average B2B company waits 63 days to receive payment from their customers.

That’s an absurd amount of time. You are financing your customer's deals for a full two months! We provide growth capital to businesses who are waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid. We work with customers who have seen their accounts receivable balances balloon up to $200k, $500k, even north of $1 million. It is certainly uncomfortable for you, but it happens to a lot of companies. You are doing good business and sending invoices, they just aren't getting paid as fast as you need to continue your growth .One of our customers had an average Days Sales Outstanding number at 76 days. We are giving them advances on invoices on day one. You worked hard to deliver your product or service. And immediate payments allow you to focus on growing your business; be that hiring one month sooner, marketing spend, or paying out bonuses to your employees on time.

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