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We’ve been making invoicing simple since 2005. Here’s a look at what Blinksale can do for you.

Send professional invoices.

Put your best foot forward. From your emailed invoice to the payment page & receipt, Blinksale gives your clients the professional treatment with a quality invoicing experience. We'll even remind you to send a thank-you note when you get paid.

  • Customize.

    With a little CSS knowledge and elbow grease, you can customize invoice templates to your needs.

  • Send as PDF.

    It’s nice to have a printable invoice. Send any invoice as a PDF for your client’s convenience.

  • Send automatically.

    If you bill clients on a schedule for a fixed amount, make a recurring invoice to automate billing.

  • Bill clients in euros.

    Or yen, or pounds, or any international currency. Blinksale lets your business go global.

Write elegant estimates.

Getting client sign-off on price & scope before work begins can be a useful step in setting the right expectations for work. Our estimates allow you to collaborate with your client & get approval before the job begins.

  • Talk amongst yourselves.

    Like invoices, estimates allow clients to add comments, facilitating collaboration around the document.

  • Get approval.

    The client can Approve or Decline an estimate. When Approved, Blinksale logs the event in your records.

  • Convert to invoice.

    An approved estimate can be converted right into an invoice. The estimated is archived for your records.

Stay organized.

Every Blinksale invoice & estimate tracks its own history, reminders sent, comments made, payments recorded and more, and your Dashboard gives you an immediate view at the status of all your invoices.

  • Get reminded.

    Blinksale reminds you to send a thank-you note when you’ve received a payment. It’s the little things that count.

  • Send reminders.

    Send customizable reminders to your clients. Blinksale will log the date it was sent right there on the invoice.

  • Customize messages.

    Set the default messages for reminders, thank-you notes and more to save time and stay consistent.

  • Tag your docs.

    Invoices & estimates can be tagged for your organizational pleasure.

Get paid faster with Stripe.*

Just hook up your Stripe credentials to your Blinksale account and let your clients instantly pay their invoice with a credit card. There is nothing your client needs to sign up for! It couldn’t be easier.

  • Make payments easy.

    With payments via Stripe, you give your clients the easiest way to pay.

  • Low, low rates.

    Stripe charges low rates, so you keep more of your hard-earned profit.

  • Works with your bank.

    All you need is a checking account to get your money out of Stripe.

  • Easy signup.

    It’s just one page. Seriously, it can’t get any easier than this.

* Stripe account not provided by Blinksale. Sign up at stripe.com

Great, huh? Blinksale packs all this and more into an unlimited $15/month package.

  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Estimates
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Recurring Invoices
  • Free Support (Phone & email)
  • PayPal® integration
  • Custom email domain delivery
  • Customizable messages

Send as many invoices as you like. Test out our estimates. Do everything a paying subscriber can do. At the end of 15 days, you decide if Blinksale is worth paying for.