Traditional software such as Word and Excel is likely to come to your mind, as well as the online invoicing systems you've been hearing about.

Why Online Invoicing System is Better Than Word and Excel

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When you need to start invoicing, you're probably wondering how you're going to do it. Traditional software such as Word and Excel is likely to come to your mind, as well as the online invoicing systems you've been hearing about.

A fast Google search reveals a plethora of Word and Excel invoice template files. However, there is a reason why businesses choose online invoicing systems. This blog will explain why it is the superior option.

Up-to-Date Invoices

The benefit of an online invoicing system is that it can be regularly updated. This implies that they are aware of any changes in legal requirements for invoicing and instantly update the software to comply with anything new.

If you utilize Word or Excel invoice templates, you must do your own research and update the templates, as free versions offered on the internet, while attractive, are rarely (if ever) updated.

Errors Are Greatly Reduced

When you fill out a downloadable invoice template, you must manually enter all of the information each time. This increases the likelihood of mistakes, ranging from typos in contact information to incorrect pricing for your items.

The online invoicing system automates operations such as invoice numbering, numbering each new invoice accurately according to your sequence, and auto-filling your company and product data.

It Quickly Generates Invoices

Time is gold. And, as a business, you undoubtedly have more important and necessary things to do than spend hours perfecting your invoices to ensure they are beautiful, correct, professional, and fulfill current regulatory standards.

You can create a new online invoice in less than a minute if you use an online invoicing service like Blinksale. How? We've automated the most time-consuming aspects of the invoice by including short drop-down choices that allow you to quickly input your client information and product data with a single click. What about pricing and VAT? This was done automatically.

When you're done, finalize your online invoice and submit it to your customer.

Modern and Professional Design

If you want to come across to your consumers as a professional, you must produce invoices that are not only clear but also represent your brand. Word and Excel templates swiftly test your patience to the point where anything more than tweaking text alignment or line breaks is not an option.

An online invoicing system simplifies the creation and management of invoices. Your invoice is already modern and intuitive in Blinksale, so it can compete with other modern-looking e-invoices, and you can add your own logo and business or company photos.

Stay on Top of the Business

When you simply have a few invoices to pay each month, it's easy to keep track of which ones have been paid and which have delayed or missed payments. However, as the number of invoices and business grows, the figures may quickly pile up.

An online invoicing system such as Blinksale provides a clear invoice list that includes the date of issuance and the due date for each invoice, alerting you when a payment is due and allowing you to take instant action by sending a reminder.

Clients Pay Quickly 

An additional benefit of an online invoicing system is the ability to include and connect to online payment choices like PayPal, Stripe, and (ACH), making it simple for your clients to pay you online as soon as they get your invoice. The end result? You get paid more quickly.

Generate Estimates, Invoices, Reminders, and more

You can do a lot more than simply create and send invoices using an online invoicing system like Blinkale. Estimates, delivery notes, and reminders may all be created and sent. Enter costs and handle payments simultaneously.

Instead of altering the specifics in a Word or Excel template each time, Blinksale allows you to convert an approved estimate to an invoice and quickly add a delivery note or give a reminder.

All of this saves you time and effort.

Get your free account and start a free trial with Blinksale!

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